David Ryden



David Ryden photo 1David’s work has been showcased in galleries in South and North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and now Colorado. 

His featured subject is animals from around the world, painted to make people “feel enthused and excited.” 

In January 2010, the Palmetto Bluff Arts Commission chose two artists from over 100 applications from artists and galleries, David being one, to exhibit their work at Palmetto Bluff in Blufton, South Carolina.  This is a tremendous honor.  Palmetto Bluff, per Conde Nast, November, 2009, is rated the number one resort community and number one Inn in the United States. As painter who wields a palette knife and oil, I hope will find yourself smiling as soon as you see his impressionist paintings.  He is an abstract expressionist who is mainly interested in surface and prefers to work on large canvases painting fast generous strokes.  His paintings are simple, direct, colorful, sometimes playful and always inspiring. 

I am self-taught.  Like the freedom to try anything.  My paintings are infused with texture and depth – I use an 8-inch palette knife and just go at it.  Do not paint everyday.  I’ll go weeks without painting and then it’ll just make sense to paint again”

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